Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Optimize Your Daily Deal Business with CityPockets

Image representing CityPockets as depicted in ...Image via CrunchBaseCityPockets.com provides a service that no-one would have understood just 3 years ago -- they help consumers manage the vouchers they have purchased from daily deal providers.  20-30% of vouchers go unused at this point and CityPockets helps consumers track what they have purchased and send reminders before the voucher expires.

Cheryl Yeoh is the co-founder and CEO of CityPockets and is a true expert in the world of daily deal commerce.  For example, did you know there is a growing secondary market in the daily deal voucher business?  That's part of CityPockets business going forward.

Did you know that many consumers are repeat purchasers of the same offer?  CityPockets has the data that identified this trend.

If you are running a daily deal business, CityPockets can give you an advantage as a trusted advisor and partner.  If you buy daily deals from more than one vendor and have trouble keeping track of what offers you have, CityPockets is for you.  And watch for their mobile app coming out shortly.

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