Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Solving Business Problems with Audacious Challenges -- FIDO (Part 2)

News 4 New York opening, from 2008 to 2010. By...Image via WikipediaIn Part 2 of my interview with FIDO co-founder John Englehart, we look into some really interesting case studies of FIDO (Fearless Innovation Designed Online) in action.

For NBC New York, the FIDO team did upfront work that looked at a broad list of business challenges that were facing NBC and then created an “Audacious Challenge” that captured all of the problems. That Audacious Challenge? “How to transform WNBC into the place where New Yorkers find their New York, every day.” FIDO then cast 9 highly experienced and highly diverse community members to be 'Dogs' the 5-week Doghouse process to generate "Bold Stroke" and progressively co-create and shape a breakthrough, actionable solution to NBC’s challenge. The output helped propel NBC/NY to its highest ratings in years, and accelerated its “NonStop” digital platform and other ongoing strategies.

John says (and I’m sure he’s right) that the Doghouse process is a very seductive and stimulating experience. Doghouse members include people who are highly accomplished in their fields and include well-known thinkers, authors, CEO’s, Fortune 100 leaders, etc. The thrill of co-creating with other highly accomplished people produces the excitement. The outcomes are not predictable, and that is the point...

One of the participants in the NBC challenge was Michael Fiur, a co-producer of the Super Bowl halftime show. Fiur was so excited by the challenge that he was actually participating in the discussion, via his Blackberry, in the hours directly before and after the halftime show.

For ESPN, FIDO was engaged to develop a different approach to an annual meeting for their top executives called “Leadership Premier.” FIDO customized break-out modules that were facilitated by hand-picked members of the FIDO community, including a U.S. Special Forces leader and a co-producer of Africa 10.

But John tells the story much better than I can in text. Enjoy...

Here's part 1 of the FIDO interview with John Englehart.
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