Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ted Rubin on Fox News and Twitter

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Social Media and Blogging expert Ted Rubin sat down with us again on July 4, 2011 and of course we needed to discuss the recent issue with Fox News and their "hacked" twitter account.

Ted raises some excellent questions:

From a political point of view:
Was the Fox News Twitter account actually hacked?  Considering Fox News far right perspective, is there something else going on?
Why did it take 10 hours for Fox News to pull down the bad tweets?

From a business point of view:
Doesn't Fox News have a Twitter policy to monitor and manage Twitter accounts?
Do they not have the necessary software to be alerted to tweets from their account?
Do they not have the competence to pull down inappropriate tweets?

Ted also believes that ultimately, mistakes will be made in any media.  Faxes, letters, newspapers, web pages, do not have much difference from Twitter and most mature leaders will recognize a mistake from a disaster and act appropriately.  He does not believe that Chrysler and their agency acted like rational businesspeople when they fired the agency and fired the staffer who tweeted negatively about Detroit traffic...
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