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We recently moved this blog over from Tumblr, for reasons we will eventually document.  I'm going to power thru and post all of those previous videos here.

Fearless Tech Predictions 2011

January 17, 2011

In this episode of 10MinuteStrategy, Shore Communications President John Blossom and Marketing Leadership Principal, Peter Propp take a view of the tech and media landscape to make a few predictions about what is actually going to happen in some of the big trending stories.  In December, we’ll review our predictions and see how we did.  John talks about the uber-players in social mobile and search, about the rise of sensors and near-field communications — exciting shifts are coming on those fronts.  Peter talks about the ramifications of the iPhone on Verizon’s CDMA network, LTE, and the Verizon iPhone itself.  Links to further exploration of some of these topics are down below the video.

John Blossom’s 2010 Wrap-up and 2011 Tech Predictions from Content Blogger

A good overview of the considerations that corporations and consumers should take into account before jumping to the iPhone on Verizon.

Tables Turned: Peter Propp Interviewed by Professor Noel Capon, Columbia Business School

December 28, 2010

I recently met Professor Noel Capon and we really hit it off.  If you don’t know of Professor Capon, ask any of your friends who attended Columbia Business School where his marketing class is legend.  Or ask any MBA you know about what Marketing text book they used.  Chances are it was Managing Marketing in the 21st Century, by Noel Capon with James Mac Hulbert.

So it was with great pleasure that I sat down with Professor Capon a few weeks back.  I think this interview gives a terrific primer on why social and mobile media are important aspects of any marketing strategy along some examples of successful social and mobile efforts.  I hope you enjoy:

Indego Africa -- Western Products from African Artisans
December 3, 2010

Looking for a great holiday gift that reflects your concerns about the world?  You could do a lot worse than checking out IndegoAfrica.org.  They have great goods from African artisans -- with the twist that many of them are based on designs by Western designers like Nicole Miller and Anthropologie, and some very Western items like laptop sleeves and soon, sleeves for iPads. Check out the interview below with IndegoAfrica.org CFO Conor French. Conor really puts a bright light on what it takes to run a social enterprise that intends to be around for a while and we wish them well.

Apologies for the lousy screen resolution. The audio is fine, please bear with my technical difficulties. And the shopping is great at IndegoAfrica.org. Go buy something great for all the special people on your list.

In part II of my interview with IndegoAfrica.org CFO Conor French, we discuss how and why the firm was started (Matt Mitro is the founder and CEO), the objectives the firm started with and the steps Indego Africa takes to make sure they are having a positive impact on the people of Rwanda.
Conor talks about the balancing act of wanting to measure impact and at the same time avoiding any activity that reduce the productivity of the team in Rwanda.

Thanks to Conor for taking the time to talk about IndegoAfrica   If you are looking for a unique holiday gift, check out their retail site, which includes native African Goods, and specialized goods from designs by Nicole Miller and Anthropologie.

New Browser Edition - RockMelt and SkyFire -- Social Browsing Is Here
November 23

RockMelt has had an impressive debut and already a solid set of updates. RockMelt creates an entire new category of browser, the Social Browser.  We give RockMelt high marks for completeness of vision for Facebook integration, awesome speed and its ability to make RSS Feeds really easy to access.
SkyFire brings Flash to the iPhone, but also social browsing to iPhone and Android in a fee-based mobile browser app.  We are looking forward to future versions of SkyFire to address performance and navigation challenges.

But to really get the details, listen to our discussion below.

Social Smack -- Let Your Brands Know How You Feel
November 15

Very interesting discussion with SocialSmack Founder and CEO Matt Curtin.  Social Smack allows consumers to start a discussion or add to an existing discussion whenever they are so inclined.  Their simple, binary "Props or Drops" system lets brands know how consumers are feeling and also forces the consumer to give just a little bit of context about their experience.
SocialSmack only launched in September and has already seen strong uptake from consumers.

In Part II of my interview with Matt Curtin, we talk about  the rollout of the SocialSmack platform, consumer adoption patterns, brand engagement model (Fremium-oriented of course), and partnerships. Is SocialSmack a platform or a feature? It is a platform that has great features for brands to leverage to gain insight from consumers via "Props" or "Drops" right after they've had a brand experience.

Matt is a great guy and very down to earth.  And he's clearly got a good idea with Social Smack.  We wish him the best.