Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Casual Distance Learning with LiveMind

LiveMind is a great example of the Internet's ability to empower "Long Tail" businesses. In LiveMind's case, they can help people who are interested in very specific subjects find people who have knowledge to share on those subjects. 

LiveMind provides a massive marketplace for casual online learning -- where experts in very niche fields can create a new source of income when they share their knowledge and expertise. LiveMind will compete with Community Colleges, but importantly allows students to focus on learning specific topics, subjects and skills. Much like an eBay for learning, LiveMind allows anyone to post a topic that they are expert in, and allow students to search for subjects they want to study. The platform provides a learning experience that is part video, part text, and highly interactive.

In Part I of our two part interview with the Live Mind team, Shore Communications Principal Peter Propp interviews LiveMind Founder Dave Dean on the inspiration for LiveMind and how the platform works.  Apologies for the video quality -- the quality on LiveMind is a ton better!

In Part II, Peter will interview Dave Lynch, CEO of LiveMind about the marketing and sales plans for this exciting startup.

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