Monday, February 28, 2011

Casual Distance Learning with LiveMind (Part II).mov

Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaseShore Communications Principal interviews LiveMind CEO Dave Lynch about online casual learning. LiveMind is creating a marketplace for experts in thousands of topics to share their knowledge with individuals who want to learn.

The Internet unleashed the Long Tail phenomena, where people interested in the most minute of topics have been able to find content and products from people interested in the same topics and products.  These Long Tail areas of interest can seem dull to most of us, but the numbers of Internet-enabled people around the world interested in any particular topic can number in the hundreds of thousands.  And that sure sounds like a market to me.

Like eBay and YouTube, LiveMind is a platform that leverages the Long Tail phenomenon to create a marketplace of teachers (experts in any subject) and students (anyone who wants to learn anything).

In Part II of our interview with LiveMind management, CEO Dave Lynch talks with Shore Communications Principal Peter Propp to discuss the marketing and sales efforts around LiveMind. He's focused on generating a long list of classes, teachers, and students.

Each Live Mind teacher comes to the platform with their own potential network. So LiveMind has a lot to gain from each teacher and student who joins. They are also building out relationships with associations and corporations who want to provide a branded casual learning environment for their constituents.

Interested in teaching? Dave goes into just the right amount of detail about the fee structure and revenue opportunities that LiveMind provides.

And here's the link for Part I of our LiveMind interviews. Part I is with Founder, President and tech leader, Dave Dean.
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