Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cloud Wars with Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft - 10 Minute Strategy

Who is winning the battle for cloud services? As Google starts shipping its Chromebook nothing-but-Web notebook computers and Apple and Amazon introduce their own cloud products, it's raining opportunity for companies that know how to sync in to cloud-based content and services. Shore Communications Inc.'s Peter Propp and John Blossom discuss the latest events.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In-Person or Online -- Serious Online Marketing Help From Serious Experts

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Next Wednesday, June 22, I will be moderating a discussion titled Insiders Guide 2011: Web Analytics and Online Marketing” .

Our speakers will be two experts in the field:  Greg Zola, of CarbonFoot Interactive, and Gregory Cox of

Greg and Gregory are members of the Meetup group I run called FairCo TEEM.  Over the last year we have met in different facilities in Westport, CT and have relied upon the amazing amount of talent here in Fairfield County (just an hour outside NYC) to present their best understanding on topics like modern Sports Marketing, Facebook Marketing, The Second Web/Internet 2.5.  We like to cover a broad set of topics because we feel that we are sitting on a goldmine of local knowledge and that we need to tap into that knowledge as much as possible.

And now we have teamed up with online learning provider LiveMind to produce a live video version of our Meetup so that a broader audience can enjoy it.  Here’s a link to my interviews with the LiveMind executive team.   LiveMind is a powerful platform that allows experts on any subject to teach classes to anyone who wants to learn. 

So I’d like to use the 10Minute Strategy Blog to issue an invitation to our readers to join us for this great talk on Web Analytics and Online Marketing.  Join us in-person or online.

You have two options to participate in this event.

1) You can join us at Reinvention Capital at 276 Riverside Drive, Westport. Here's why you want to join us in person:
  • We will provide food and drinks
  • You get to meet Gregory and Greg in person and mingle with your fellow smart folk from FairCo TEEM

2) You can join the meeting live online via our friends at Live Mind. We are excited to get the chance to leverage the LiveMind platform. Here’s why you might want to join us online:
  • You don't live or work near Westport
  • It's your your night to watch the kids
  • Chicken Pox

Either way, we'd love to have your participation in what is sure to be a great event.


Call for Demos:

We are planning our Second Annual Demo night for Weds July 13; this will celebrate our first full year of FairCo TEEM Meet-ups. We have one demo lined up and a few others that we are considering. If you have or know of a technology to demo or a new company to tell us about, please send Peter a note at
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Wearable Tech on 10MinuteStrategy

Fun interview today with Nancy Thuvanuti from RedLight PR.  Nancy gives a demo of wearable technology from HoodieBuddie -- jackets and hoodie with MP3 Connectors and Ear Buds built in.  You can wear the Hoodie Buddie for a run in the rain, listen to your favorite music, and then wash the hoodie when you are done.  Just make sure you hang-dry the hoodie and the headphones will keep on working.  And the Hoodie Buddie is only $44!

Nancy also shows us a couple of fun products from the Paul Frank design house, an iPhone case and a iPhone speaker set the features the familiar Paul Frank monkey.  (Here's some learning:  the monkey's name is Julius)

Now go get yourself a hoodie, buddy!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Zemanta -- A Blogger's Best Friend

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10MinuteStrategy is happy to present this interesting interview with Zemanta CEO Bostjan Spetic.  Zemanta’s mission is to improve the content on blogs, or better yet to help bloggers improve their content.

While traditional publications have significant staff to allow them to select good stories and edit content efficiently for maximum quality, bloggers are left alone to produce a media property.  What Zemanta does is read over the blogger’s shoulder and suggest fur
ther content for research or for links that will make the blog more find-able by search engines.
Image representing Blogger as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseZemanta will also suggest blog topics if you are in need of inspiration.  And you can use it in your Gmail as well if you want to spice up your e-mail.

Zemanta is a product we use on the blog and it allows us to make sure our content is easy to find.  Zemanta
The logo of the blogging software WordPress.Image via Wikipediais funded by Union Square Partners among others and recently received what they say is their last round of funding.  They expect to be profitable by the end of 2011.

The company has two revenue models – licensing technology to professional media companies like, and click revenue from the blogs of the general blogging community.

Zemanta shares revenue with, Zemanta’s biggest partner and are working on additional deals.

Size of blogging community, according to Bostjan
Nielsen – 150M Bloggers
E-Marketer – 50M Bloggers
Bostjan – certain there are more than 10M Bloggers writing in English.

Zemanta penetration among bloggers is strong – only blogging tools company to have partnerships with all major blogging platforms, WordPress, Blogger, SixApart, Saymedia. 100K Bloggers using Zemanta today. Very active, but only 1% of the 10M US Blogging community.

Zemanta is helping bloggers and publishers create meaningful content quickly and efficiently and helping consumers find content that they might not otherwise find.
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