Thursday, June 2, 2011

Zemanta -- A Blogger's Best Friend

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10MinuteStrategy is happy to present this interesting interview with Zemanta CEO Bostjan Spetic.  Zemanta’s mission is to improve the content on blogs, or better yet to help bloggers improve their content.

While traditional publications have significant staff to allow them to select good stories and edit content efficiently for maximum quality, bloggers are left alone to produce a media property.  What Zemanta does is read over the blogger’s shoulder and suggest fur
ther content for research or for links that will make the blog more find-able by search engines.
Image representing Blogger as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseZemanta will also suggest blog topics if you are in need of inspiration.  And you can use it in your Gmail as well if you want to spice up your e-mail.

Zemanta is a product we use on the blog and it allows us to make sure our content is easy to find.  Zemanta
The logo of the blogging software WordPress.Image via Wikipediais funded by Union Square Partners among others and recently received what they say is their last round of funding.  They expect to be profitable by the end of 2011.

The company has two revenue models – licensing technology to professional media companies like, and click revenue from the blogs of the general blogging community.

Zemanta shares revenue with, Zemanta’s biggest partner and are working on additional deals.

Size of blogging community, according to Bostjan
Nielsen – 150M Bloggers
E-Marketer – 50M Bloggers
Bostjan – certain there are more than 10M Bloggers writing in English.

Zemanta penetration among bloggers is strong – only blogging tools company to have partnerships with all major blogging platforms, WordPress, Blogger, SixApart, Saymedia. 100K Bloggers using Zemanta today. Very active, but only 1% of the 10M US Blogging community.

Zemanta is helping bloggers and publishers create meaningful content quickly and efficiently and helping consumers find content that they might not otherwise find.
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