Monday, June 13, 2011

Wearable Tech on 10MinuteStrategy

Fun interview today with Nancy Thuvanuti from RedLight PR.  Nancy gives a demo of wearable technology from HoodieBuddie -- jackets and hoodie with MP3 Connectors and Ear Buds built in.  You can wear the Hoodie Buddie for a run in the rain, listen to your favorite music, and then wash the hoodie when you are done.  Just make sure you hang-dry the hoodie and the headphones will keep on working.  And the Hoodie Buddie is only $44!

Nancy also shows us a couple of fun products from the Paul Frank design house, an iPhone case and a iPhone speaker set the features the familiar Paul Frank monkey.  (Here's some learning:  the monkey's name is Julius)

Now go get yourself a hoodie, buddy!

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