Monday, May 7, 2012

How to be a CEO -- with Dick Cross, Author, Just Run It

Dick Cross is an eight time turnaround CEO and consultant to mid-tier, "mainstream businesses" who has codified his consulting knowledge into a short and insightful book called Just Run It. As a hands-on Chairman and consultant he has helped more than one hundred mid-tier, mainstream companies understand and achieve their goals.

Dick created The Mid-Tier Presidents Course in the Harvard GSD Executive Program, which he led for 5 years. Through his teaching and consulting, Dick realized that there really is no curriculum at any business school that helps CEO s actually run their companies on a day to day basis. Just Run It is a guide for mid-tier, mainstream and startup CEO s to take a step back and make sure they stay focused on customer needs and are always operating a strategy that is informed by customer needs and aligned with the mainstream companies goals. Sometimes the model and goals need to be refreshed and the Just Run It model is intended to help CEO s drive continual change to meet market needs.

This is part I of our discussion.  I will post part I shortly. 

Peter Propp is a strategy and marketing consultant based in Westport, CT.   He helps a wide variety of startups and established companies address growth opportunities with marketing and business development approaches.  He has interviewed dozens of business leaders on his video blog, 10MinuteStrategy, and is the co-founder of the FairCo TEEM Meetup Group, which is focused on providing a platform for shared learning by and for the many business leaders who reside in the greater New York region.  Peter can be reached at ppropp <at>


  1. This is what I need, a small business book that can give me effective business strategies. I have high expectations with this book since it comes from an expert.

  2. Just Run It makes one man his own consulting firm. This will be helpful in acquiring new strategies for a business. Every business-minded person needs this for his own success.

    -Kate Pepper