Monday, April 25, 2011

14 Rules for a Successful Investor Meeting -- McAdory Lipscomb

Having a great idea isn't enough.  Having a prototype is not enough.

If you want your great idea to become a company and need to get investment, you need to be prepared to successfully convince investors that you really know how you will spend their money in such a way that they get a positive return on their investment.  In this interview with McAdory Lipscomb from you'll get a great explanation of the recipe for a successful Investor meeting.

McAdory Lipscomb has worked in TV (Showtime), Consulting (Accenture), Venture Capital and a bunch of other gigs in between.  He's now a CEO Coach for Start-ups at CEOCoach.Net.

Here are Mac's 14 Critical Charts for your Investor Meeting Success.

1. Company Title Page with the $Dollar Amount  of the Round

2. Overview/Roadmap of presentation - what will be said

3. Financial Overview - top line revenues and expenses, 3 years out

4. Product - what is the business in simple terms

5. Market - what is the environment, and how big are the segments

6. Customers (Strategy)-- how many, distribution process, attracted, retained

7. Revenue Streams- who pays, how much and from where, annualized

8. Competition - who and how threatening, what are differentiation factors

9. Barriers to Competitive Entry - how will other competitors be kept at bay

10. Potential for Business/Use of Proceeds - where will money take you

11. Goals and Performance Objectives - what are the success metrics

12. Management Team/Strategic Relationships -- talent &experience

13. Valuation - how do you come to the number & current investors

14. Review - summary of what you said, same order, narrowed to 6 points

...but you'll get a lot more out of the content if you listen to the video.

If you'd like to work with McAdory Lipscomb, send him an e-mail.

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