Monday, April 11, 2011

Collaborative Innovation and Audacious Challenges with FIDO

INNOVATIONImage by theonlyone via FlickrJohn Englehart is an executive with a fantastic track record, including years at Ogilvy and Mather (including senior management jobs in Thailand, Indochina, Singapore and London), Lowe and Partners (he was GM for Europe and Asia), and Arnell Group (President).  Check John Englehart's LinkedIn Profile here.

John has now turned his considerable talents to the important area of Innovation, with a start-up called FIDO, which stands for Fearless Innovation Designed Online.  As one of the founders of FIDO, John gets a front row seat as FIDO creates teams of "Dogs" to solve big corporate problems (each problem is called a "Doghouse").

Collaborative Innovation is not a new concept.  But many providers in the space attempt to solve problems with smart volunteers (who may not have any relevant expertise), or internal resources (who may be too close to a problem to come up with a breakthrough solution).  In FIDO's model, the upfront work of defining an "Audacious Challenge" and casting the "Dogs" is an important effort that is a critical part of FIDOs service.  And if they can't find the experts from the short list of invite-only experts, they will recruit until they find someone with the requisite skills.    And they also assign a professional moderator to make sure the project gets to the desired end-state.

Enjoy the interview with John Englehart of FIDO (Fearless Innovation Designed Online)

Click here for more information on FIDO (Fearless Innovation Designed Online).

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