Monday, July 25, 2011

Ted Rubin on Collective Bias and Fox News

A few weeks ago, Ted Rubin and I spoke about his new role at Collective Bias.  I also asked him about the Twitter hacking story over at Fox News.  (Remember when this was the biggest News Corp scandal?  Seems like a lifetime ago, but it was just 3 weeks!)  Anyway, because it was newsworthy, I cut up the video and posted the Fox News/Twitter portion here.

Today I am publishing the full interview so we can focus on the interesting work that Ted is doing over at Collective Bias.  In a nutshell, Collective Bias is a social shopping company that has created a privat community of passionate consumers who are vocal in their likes and dislikes of consumer products and are willing to share their sentiments online.

Collective Bias was founded by ex-Walmart Exec John Andrews.  At WalMart, John created the a social  marketing program called 11 Moms program.  The program was originally a research vehicle, then renamed Walmart Moms.

Now the Walmart Moms concept is the basis for a community called Social Fabric -- a private blogger community focused on highly engaged consumers who self-select the topic they want to write about. Social Fabric is at the core of what Collective Bias does. Social Fabric hosts three main types of communities -- Social Fabric created communities, Brand-requested communities, or self-started communities where Bloggers create communities on topics they care about.

Bloggers get specific shopping assignments that gives brands valuable feedback on how consumers interact with their products -- this provides outstanding feedback to consumer brands on the way they are interacting with the people who buy their products.

In CBSocially, Ted is coaching and advising brands on how to develop and implement social marketing programs. They are also providing services to develop and manage social media marketing programs for a wide variety of brands -- who get great value from CBSocially and can also tap into the Collective Bias community as needed for even more amplification on topics of importance.

So check out the video and check out Ted at

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