Tuesday, September 13, 2011

QR Codes: Today's URL -- QRSYNQ

On my PeterPropp.com blog last week I wrote a piece about all the "fails" at the US Open from a Mobile Marketing point of view.  While they get points for trying, Panasonic, Amex, Chase and the US Open themselves failed in significant ways to provide customers and potential customers with simple and rewarding experiences.

So in this video I took QR code expert Brett Goldberg through two of the scenarios to get his feedback.  Brett has some great insights on specific aspects of what Panasonic and the US Open could have done better.

Why is Brett so smart about QR Codes?  He's the founder and CEO of QRSYNQ, a provider of a QR Reader/Server Technology Combo that can create lasting relationships between prospects and brands -- and importantly is focused on making the interaction simple and providing the end-user with control over how much or how little information they share.

Anyway enjoy the video.  Part II is coming up later this week and we'll talk about Chase and American Express.

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